Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hummus Restaurant - A Newcomer

Hummus is the newest restaurant to hit the 40th Street strip, nestled between McDonald's and the Radian. They serve sandwiches and platters of near-authentic Middle Eastern food: falafel, shwarma, kabobs, and hummus. Though I find their namesake dip on the grainy and garlicky side, the pita (either white or whole wheat) is nice and fluffy--and it's rumored to be imported from Israel.

I got a delicious shwarma sandwich to go and couldn't have been more satisfied. The meat was tender and well-seasoned; it balanced perfectly with the tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage salad, onions, harif, and tahini. I added fries to the sandwich for $1 to truly do it Israeli style. Hummus is a "must check out" for those who haven't been, but beware: it's not dirt cheap.

Check out the menu here!

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