Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Devon Seafood Grill

Devon Seafood Grill, located in Rittenhouse Square, is known for its freshest, high-quality seafood and notable wine list. It is a semi-upscale restaurant (two dollar signs on with a slightly casual atmosphere. I recommend going there during lunch, perhaps on a special day, since you can have a delicious lunch at a reasonable price.

When I visited Devon Seafood Grill, the weather was still warm, so I got to sit at the balcony area, with wide-open windows, providing me with a beautiful view of Rittenhouse Square from my table. This vantage point, and the general atmosphere, made my meal so relaxing.

I ordered "Today’s Fresh Fish” menu, which comes with a choice of a grilled fish and two seasonal sides. The fish all vary in price. I ordered Mahi-mahi ($17) with mashed potato and lobster mac and cheese as sides. Mahi-mahi, as I had expected, was very fresh and tasty. The fish was grilled in a way that made the outer part slightly crispy and the inner part very soft. The fish was seasoned well with right amount of salt, peppers and other spices, so it was perfect for me. Some restaurants over-season their steak or fish so that the only thing I taste is the saltiness, but this wasn’t the case with Devon.

The mashed potato tasted just like any other mash potatoes. I like mash potato in general, so it was a good side dish. However, what made my lunch perfect was the lobster mac and cheese. The macaroni pastas were really big, and I liked the fact that they were not completely soaked in cheese, and consequently not too greasy. I really loved it. Although I had to pay a few bucks more for the lobster mac and cheese because it was a special side dish, it was worth it.

Another menu you could choose is “Power Lunch Combos” ($13). You can choose your main dish from a list, which includes roasted duck flatbread, ahi tuna sushi rolls, and lobster tamale, and it is served with a bowl of soup or starter salad. The same goes with “Power Lunch Entrees” ($18). If the lunch sets do not satisfy you, there is variety of other options available, including sandwiches ($11-$14) and entrees ($14-$31).

Of course, I would definitely visit Devon again!

Devon Seafood Grill
225 S 18th St
(215) 546-5940

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