Friday, January 28, 2011

KoJa: Food Truck of My Dreams

Penn has so many food trucks that it can be difficult for one to stand out amongst the sea of competitors, but KoJa does exactly that. Located a few blocks from the cluster of trucks near the quad, KoJa is parked on 38th between Walnut and Sansom. Its unique look is more artsy than food truck and its food is a cut above the rest. It is a veritable hidden gem in the world of campus eats and serves up some of the best food you will find at Penn.

KoJa seamlessly blends together the delicious tastes of Korean and Japanese food, creating cuisine that is worthy of a sit-down restaurant. The menu offers a wide selection from Korean favorites such as kimchi and bulgoki to Japanese delicacies like teriyaki and yakisoba. Koja allows you to choose between tasty Japanese noodle dishes and the bold tastes and spices of Korean food at just one cart. Either way you're sure to be satisfied. Everything on their menu is worth sampling. I've tried almost everything but I always go back to my favorite meal: beef bulgoki. Bulgoki is beef, sliced thin, marinated in traditional Korean spices, and grilled. The result is spicy, savory, and all kinds of delicious. Perfectly cooked vegetables, rice, and dumplings round out this filling meal. My mouth waters every time I think of it.

I'm not the only one touting the excellence of KoJa. The truck has found national acclaim for its bulgoki steak sandwich, which was recently featured on the Huffington Post's list of Top 10 New Sandwiches. At $3.00, the bulgoki sandwich will barely make a dent in your wallet.

The tastes will have you craving more and the prices make it easy to afford. Although the food can take a bit longer to prepare than the food at most other trucks, it is most definitely worth the wait. The owners are extremely friendly and will often reward those who wait with a cup of hot tea in the winter months (although the food is reward enough) and there are even benches to sit on so you don't have to stand while you wait. If you want to avoid the wait, you can always call ahead (their number is 267.322.9925) and place your order, so that when you get to the cart your food with be waiting for you. And, if you need another reason to check out KoJa, all meals are only $4.50 on Fridays after 3:00 (meals usually range from $5.00-$6.00).

Final words to sum up Koja: amazing food, great service, affordable eats. Need I say more?

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