Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blog Bites: A Round-Up of the Week's Top Food Stories

Closed: Marathon Grill has not renewed its lease at 40th and Walnut due to declining business, reports The Daily Pennsylvanian. No details on what will fill its spot.

Reopened: University Square Farmers’ Market at 36th and Walnut, with three new vendors come August - The Daily Pennsylvanian

Opening: Authentic Mexican restaurant "Guacamole Mex-Grill" at 4612 Woodland Ave. in early July - Meal Ticket

• More details about Honest Tom’s Taco Truck's, a favorite of Clark Park Farmer's Market goers, move to a permanent location - Grub Street Philly

• Speaking of food trucks, Philadelphia will hosts its first Vendy Awards, a food truck competition and cook-off, on July 9 - Uwishunu

• Meal Ticket reports on the new "Philly Disloyalty Program," a customer reward card featured at seven local, non-chain Philly coffee houses, including West Philly's Lovers & Madmen at 28 S. 40th St.

• Uwishunu has the guide for Philly Beer Week 2011, running from June 3-11

•...and Penn's34th Street interviews the event's executive director and Philadelphia Daily News columnist, Don "Joe Sixpack" Russell

• The politics of food: A look at how the eating habits of liberals and conservatives differ - Mashable

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