Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fettuccine Alfredo

Mino, my friend from Japan, loves Fettuccine Alfredo. One day, she asked me if I knew how to make the sauce from scratch. She explained to me that while many Tokyo grocery stores carry the jarred kind, the stores in her area of Japan do not. I offered to teach her how to make it, and by the end of the evening, she was quite shocked at how quick and easy it was. “I can definitely make it when I go back to Japan. And this homemade sauce tastes much better than the Ragu sauce I buy at Fresh Grocer!” she cheerfully proclaimed. I concur. Whenever possible, I try to make things from scratch rather than use ready-made products because it's simply more delicious and more fun!

½ cup of butter
1 cup of heavy cream
1 ½ cup of grated Parmesan cheese
½ tsp salt
½ tsp black pepper
½ tsp nutmeg
1 tsp garlic powder
1 egg yolk

1. Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Slowly whisk in the cream.
2. Add salt, nutmeg, black pepper, garlic powder, and Parmesan. Stir constantly until evenly incorporated, then quickly whisk in the egg yolk.
3. Once mixture starts to thicken (about 3-5 minutes), remove from heat and serve with your favorite type of pasta and toppings. I used spinach fettuccine and two different types of chicken sausage to create the Fettuccine Alfredo found in the image above.


  1. Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo is one of my favorite indulgence meals! I sometimes add a splash of crisp white wine to the sauce and then serve it over fresh or refrigerated pasta. Perfecto!

  2. What a nice story! I love this post ... my recipe doesn't use an egg yolk but I might try it next time!



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