Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Philly's Shake Shack

I was once told that eating at Shake Shack was a bucket-list worthy activity. The moment I heard that I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to eat at the newly opened location on 20th and Sansom. Starting as a food truck in New York, Shake Shack quietly rose to fame in the Big Apple and is now a chain in various cities across the United States. Known for its long lines during lunchtime, it is a staple in the lives of many.

I ate at Shack Shake for dinner when the restaurant was bustling with customers. The clean hardwood sheen of the tables, the large open kitchen and the eating area both inside and outside made me all the more excited for the experience to come. I ordered a Smoke Shack burger (6.25), fries (2.65), and a chocolate milkshake (5.00).

The Smoke Shack burger was a cheeseburger topped with bacon bits, chopped pepper, and their special ShackSauce. I have to admit, when I got my burger, I was underwhelmed; the burger was about the size of my palm. However despite its size, the burger itself didn’t disappoint. The bun itself was soft and complemented the burger itself very well. The bacon bits weren’t crunchy but soft to create an easy eating experience. The chopped pepper was actually very strong and created just enough punch for the hamburger, but I would suggest those who aren’t fans of spicy foods to stay away from it. The special ShackSauce really made the burger a medley of flavors.In my opinion, the crinkle-cut fries were sub-par. Though they were made with what tasted like fresh potatoes, the fries weren’t crunchy enough to keep me interested, nor did they have any flavoring. I did appreciate that the fries weren’t greasy, and they served as a muted contrast to the flavors of the burger itself.

Since I couldn’t go to Shake Shack without trying a shake, I stuck with what the cashier said was the classic flavor—chocolate. Not wanting to spend an extra fifty-cents, I got the unmalted version. The drink didn’t have chunks of ice nor did it get stuck in the straw, making it a delicious and easy milkshake-drinking experience. It was rich without being overly sweetened, so I got all the goodness of chocolate without feeling too guilty. At the end of the drink, I was satisfied without feeling like I had had too much.

All in all, Shake Shack was both filling and delicious, but I felt that it was not exactly worth the money I paid. I’ve had plenty of cheaper burgers that were larger and just as good. As for being bucket-list worthy, it’s definitely up for debate.

*Photo courtesy of Shake Shack.

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