Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Brief Introduction To Me

I don’t think I properly introduced myself last week when I wrote my first blog post here about healthy cauliflower pizza. You probably guessed that I love making “healthy” versions of usually unhealthy dishes. That is my second cooking love. Let me reintroduce myself by writing about my primary culinary passion.

I am AJ. I have never met a (dark) chocolate I didn’t like. Sure, I don’t like Nestle like I love Valrhona, but I don’t think I could ever say any dark chocolate isn’t “good”. Almost all (dark) chocolate is good enough for me, and I don’t think I’ve ever once thought that anything “had too much chocolate.”

My relationship with sugar is not as stable. A moderate amount of refined sugar every once in a while is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. But there’s a moderate amount of sugar, and then there’s this: a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Red Velvet Cake Pie

Some people can handle massive amounts of sugar. I on the other hand get dizzy, start moving very slowly, fall into a sugar stupor, and begin to hallucinate. Maybe not that last one. So, if I knew a single piece of this thing would nearly send me into a coma, why did I make this monstrosity today?

I don’t half-ass my desserts.

When I make desserts, I always go too far. I am extremely disciplined when it comes to health and food, but make dessert once a week on Sunday. Before that great day, every week I spend HOURS all week planning and researching what ridiculous thing I am going to make next. Chocolate fudge truffle cheesecake topped with homemade whipped cream and strawberries? Been there. Homemade quarter pound “pillow” cookies with homemade chocolate covered brownie centers? Done that. Pie crust filled with chocolate chip cookie dough and red velvet cake? Whoah. Decadent enough. I guess.

I made this chocolate chip cookie dough red velvet cake pie because I happened to have a pound of homemade cookie dough from last Sunday’s dessert day in my freezer, because pie crust is so very easy to make, and because I’ve never made a red velvet cake. I don’t particularly like cake, but I wanted an excuse to make a cream cheese based frosting (I have no springform pan here and I miss cheesecake; this was close enough…or something).

So, that’s enough about me. I love making delicious healthy food, but I also love unbelievably, ridiculously, ludicrously unhealthy food. I also forgot to mention that I LOVE learning about the science behind cooking and baking (I am about to start making my way through this, the new bible of the science behind cooking), but you’ll learn more about that in the weeks to come. From now on -- it’s all about the food, baby.

Check out the photos chronicling the making of this magical and deadly pie:

Pie Crust with Cookie Dough Layered on Top

Red Velvet Cake Batter Atop Cookie Dough

Shameful Frosting Job. AWESOME cream cheese frosting.

See you next week.


  1. Decadence at its best! Do you have a complete recipe you can share?

  2. Absolutely! I looked online for cooking times for similar creations before I threw it in the oven and I found this:
    It's a good guide to the overall concept, I guess, but really is most useful for the cooking time it gives. So, more importantly, here are the recipes for the individual components of the pie:


    You could probably just use a store-bought one, I always prefer to just do it myself.

    Cookie Dough:
    Any recipe will do, this is the one I happened to use to make cookie dough with and I had leftover cookie dough in my freezer. I would say use a more basic recipe because it doesn't really matter (though this dough is incredible if you're actually trying to make cookies and you have the chocolate feves/disks).

    Red Velvet Cake:



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