Monday, February 4, 2013

Bloggers' Bites: Brunch at Russet

Bloggers' Bites is a series of posts chronicling the foodie adventures of Penn Appétit's blog staff. On Saturday, January 26, Penn Appétit bloggers trudged through the snow for a lively brunch at Russet.

Leslie Robledo: As a newcomer to Philly, the idea of trying a new restaurant was so exciting! I was down from the moment I heard of the opportunity and it was even better when I met the people I was going to spend the time at the restaurant with me. They were all as excited and anxious as I was which made the experience even more great. With decor that made you feel like you were at a close friend's house for brunch, the setting had a comforting intimacy that allowed everyone at the table to be sociable and full of smiles. Eyes widened as the food came out. The presentation was cute, not too extravagant and in no time there were satisfied taste buds all around. The time at Russett was nice. I met new people, ate good food, and ventured into the city. Something I recommend to everyone new and old to Philly!

Kristen Duda: Hailing from a small suburb outside of Philadelphia, I have not been exposed to the most exotic or interesting foods that one can find so easily in the city. Therefore, my experience at Russet in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood was extremely refreshing! The restaurant's atmosphere was quiet and warm, and every item on the menu seemed to have something I did not recognize in it, which I love.

I tried the wild mushroom sformato (which I had to Google in order to know what I was ordering). It was similar to a soufflé but less airy, and its earthly mushroom flavor was nicely counterbalanced with a parmesan cheese crisp, fine nuts, and something pickled on top. Needless to say, our trip to Russet was one I would love to repeat!

Nicole Woon: Upon entering Russet, I felt as if I had walked into someone's home. While warm and cozy, the interior still managed to be open and spacious. Hence, it was the perfect setting for our group of nine! After perusing the small menu, I knew my choice would be easy: I elected for the duck confit croque madame.

Out came a neatly-cut sandwich topped with a dripping sunny side up egg, flanked by a pile of lightly-dressed greens. Much to my surprise, one of the sandwich triangles had a duck leg--bone and all--comfortably sticking out the side: a statement piece, for sure. The sandwich was a touch dry; perhaps a fruity compote or jam would have made the meal more moist and added a new dimension of flavor? The cheese also did not have as much of a pronounced flavor as I would have liked. Regardless, this spin on the classic French sandwich was something I had not seen before and am glad I had the opportunity to try.

More treats from that bloggers enjoyed at brunch:

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