Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cream & Sugar - Hits the Sweet Spot

Tucked in an unassuming Spruce St. storefront just beyond 40th st., the new shop Cream & Sugar seeks to satisfy Penn’s sweet tooth. In fact, there is hardly anything savory in sight - the handful of bagels is overshadowed by a wall of candy dispensers, a freezer full of ice cream, and a display case of pastries.

Most of the items at Cream & Sugar are not produced on site (except for the cannoli filling and cream cheese, among others), but are sourced to local bakeries in Philadelphia or New Jersey. But the spread covers almost any dessert imaginable, from cupcakes to rice pudding to torrones.

After some deliberation, I bought a blueberry muffin, a chocolate chip cookie, and a chocolate cupcake, intending to eat them over a couple of days. My cookie was delicious, firm on the outside and soft in the middle with just enough chocolate chips. The muffin, covered in clumps of sugar, was too sweet but still enjoyable. The raspberry chocolate cupcake was easily the highlight, as the airy cake included bits of real raspberry and a perfectly complementary icing.

If you ever get a sugar craving, be happy that Cream & Sugar has moved in right up the street. It's ready to sweeten you up.

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