Sunday, October 26, 2008

Test Your Culinary Clout!

1. What wine is sweet in a Manhattan and dry in a martini?
a) Sherry
b) Vermouth
c) Port
d) Dubonnet

2. The name for this pasta translates into "little ears," which they resemble. This pasta is called:
a) Rotini
b) Vermicelli
c) Rotelle
d) Orecchiette

3. This plant gives the characteristic yellow color to Thai curries:
a) Turmeric
b) Saffrom
c) Longan
d) Carrot

4. Something that is served "Cordon Bleu" means that it is:
a) Covered with mushroom sauce
b) Set on fire using rum
c) Stuffed with ham and cheese
d) Deep-fried

5. Tzatziki is a yogurt-based sauce. Which vegetable is the main ingredient used in its preparation?
a) Potato
b) Celery
c) Tomato
d) Cucumber

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