Sunday, December 7, 2008

Test Your Culinary Clout!

1. Tequila is a spirit made in Mexico. From what cactus-like plant is tequila made?
a) Hueve
b) Jalisco
c) Quintana
d) Agave

2. What is the difference between Mediterranean green olives and black olives?
a) Green olives are picked early; black olives ripen fully on the tree
b) They grow in different climates
c) They grow on different kinds of olive trees
d) All of the above

3. The white mushrooms that are commonly found in local supermarkets are best known by what name?
a) Hump
b) Button
c) Cap
d) Puf

4. Which one of the following dishes would NOT include rice?
a) Risotta
b) Paella
c) Goulash
d) Pilaf

5. Tandoori chicken is a very popular Indian entree. Where does the name tandoori come from?
a) The region where it originated
b) The sauce used in the dish
c) The clay oven in which it is cooked
d) The manner in which it is eaten

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