Wednesday, March 18, 2009


During my amazing visit to Spain over spring break, I couldn’t get enough of the food . . . and drink! Making full use of the drinking age of 18, I had my fair share of sangria and exquisite wine (and learned that Spanish beer isn’t all that great). Of all the drinks I had, one stood out the most: Calimocho. Popular during street gatherings (yes, I saw plenty of high schoolers drinking on the streets), Calimocho is a mix of red wine and Coca Cola, in approximately equal proportions. It really is a cheap man’s drink, in a very drastic way--Calimocho is sometimes even made in a plastic bag!

calimocho looks just like regular cola, but has an unexpected twist
photo by Karuna Meda

My friends and I headed to the Retiro Park in Madrid armed with a two liter bottle of coke, 3 Euros worth of red wine, and plastic cups. After emptying out some of the coke, we poured in approximately 3/4th of the bottle of wine, and voila!

It really is an unusual taste, like sour cherry coke. The first few sips were dubious, but I really started to enjoy the peculiar combination of fizzy caffeine and the tartness of the wine. Needless to say, we had no trouble finishing the two liters.

Some people may call Calimocho a trashy wine cooler, but I thought it was oddly refreshing, and so easy to make! Some variations include using white wine instead of red, and adding flavored vodka. So here is another idea to add to your list of cocktails for spring fling!

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  1. It's true--calimocho is the most popular drink for botellón (street drinking) in Spaiin. I agree with your assessment that it tastes like Cherry Coke, and I'd recommend you try "tinto de verano" (my personal fave and that of everyone who comes to visit me in Madrid): equal parts red wine and lemon fanta/soda, best served cold or over ice. It rocks!



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