Thursday, April 23, 2009

Better Free Samples Than Whole Foods!

It's almost that time of the year again! Get ready for delicious farmers market food this spring. Here's an account from an awesome trip last May:

I arrived at the Headhouse Farmer's Market at 2nd and Pine at a few minutes till 10, the scheduled starting time. Vendors were open for browsing, but wouldn't sell until the official starting bell was rung at 10:00 on the dot. It was a transformation; as soon as the bell rang, samples appeared, vendors started explaining their products to interested customers, and the number of people browsing seemed to multiply.

Goods ranged from the usual leafy greens to potted plants to baked goods to prepared foods. Samples were numerous, not to mention delicious. Highlights included Betty's Tasty Buttons, showcasing Lemon Curd and other sweet dipping/topping sauces, and Wild Flour Bakery's rosemary garlic bread and chocolate chip cookies.

Grass-fed beef and pastured eggs seemed to be the norm, as did organically farmed produce. I was overjoyed.

Personal purchases consisted of a block of (grass-fed!) sharp cheddar from Hillacres Pride, a small tub of whipped shea butter from Demarah as a belated birthday present for my mom, a (gigantic) blueberry scone for myself from Wild Flour as well as two chocolate chip cookies for my students (I was, of course, on my way to work) from the same. That's not to mention the absurd quantity of free samples of which I partook.

Unfortunately the semester is winding down and I am swamped with work so I couldn't warrant buying tons of fresh produce for fear of having to let it rot in my fridge, but if you have more time than I, I would strongly urge you to spend a lovely Sunday morning taking a (looong) stroll down to 2nd and Pine and checking out this gem of a farmer's market.

Headhouse Farmer's Market
South 2nd Street, between Pine and Lombard
Sundays beginning May 3, 10 am - 2 pm

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