Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cheesy Steve Jobs

In honor of Apple's latest new creation, the iPad, one foodie has taken it to the extreme and created an expertly crafted Steve Jobs head out of cheese for his iPad launch party. "You ARE going to have an iPad launch party, aren't you?" he asks.
We here at Penn Appetit are working on it.
If only it wasn't so creepy...

He used mozzarella to sculpt the head, explaining that it has "the right consistency, is pliable when melted slightly, and its pasty-white color matches the skin tone of many a computer geek like Steve and myself."
He spooned some ground pepper onto the sculpted cheese block for the beard but warns the future Steve Job sculptor to be careful with this step because "it's a pain to remove specs of pepper once they've stuck to the cheese."

This foodie even surrounded the head with some iPad Thai (get it?) to finish it off.

Though his sculpting skills are no doubt impressive, I don't know how I feel about this.
While I write this from my MacBook, I still don't love Steve Jobs just quite enough to eat his mozzarella head.

Photo credit: Ken from
Thanks Olivia for the link.

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