Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vietnam Cafe

If you're ever in the mood for pho or just something different, skip the trek to Cafe Saigon or Chinatown, head over to Vietnam Cafe at 47th and Baltimore. Vietnam Cafe remains rather unfamiliar and untouched by the Penn community. Might I just say, pho lovers, you are missing out.

Vietnam Cafe has the perfect combination of great food, cheap prices, good service, and a soothing ambience. The menu boasts a variety of familiar items, like spring rolls and pho, but also offers special items like sea bass. They use fresh ingredients and serve generous portions. The broth used for noodle soups isn't MSG-laden, which should satisfy your conscience. For dessert? Green tea ice cream.

The restaurant was also recently renovated. Now it has a fancier, more sophisticated interior reminiscent of an island bungalow, filled with fountains and lanterns. The prices are still extremely affordable. Dinner entrees are about $10 depending on the dish and extras you order, and lunch is even cheaper.

But the one feature you definitely don't want to miss isn't even served at your table. It's affixed to the wall in the restrooms, the Dyson Airblade hand-dryer. Trust me. 

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