Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Korean Sweet Potato Recipe

About two weeks ago, I posted a recipe for making sweet potato fries. Although I was not originally planning on doing a series on recipes using sweet potatoes, I have come to post another recipe using sweet potatoes. Enjoy the timely posting as sweet potatoes are usually best harvested in autumn.

Today’s dish is a Korean dish usually served as snack called “matang.”

① Wash sweet potatoes
② Slice them in any way you want but not as thin as when making fries
③ Pre-heat oil in frying pot or pan
④ In that oil, fry the sweet potatoes until they become crisp and well-cooked
⑤ Just like when making sweet potato fries, leave the fried pieces on a paper towel until some oil gets absorbed out
⑥ In a pan or pot, pour some starch syrup in with the fried potatoes till the syrup slightly covers the potatoes
⑦ Then mix the syrup and fried potatoes well
⑧ If you would like, sprinkle black sesame for decoration

Pictures and recipe sourced from http://kitchen.naver.com/recipe/117248

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