Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Capital Grille

I arrived at the Capital Grille for lunch completely soaked. While trying to cross the street, I’d slipped and fallen into an icy puddle. However, if the maître d’ noticed the trail of slush I left behind me on my way to the table, she didn’t mention it. The restaurant was warm and bustling. I didn’t have a reservation, but I only had to wait for a few minutes before being seated. After perusing the Restaurant week specials, I ordered the clam chowder, lobster burger and crème brulée. The clam chowder came in a small cup with a packet of oyster crackers. The soup was hot and smooth, but the flavors were underwhelming. I enjoyed the lobster burger—just the right amount of salt, citrus and chew—and the bun was soft without being soggy, although there was far too much lettuce crammed into the sandwich. The tartar sauce was deliciously tangy; the fries passable but not remarkable. Then the crème brulée was served. It was extremely sweet. As someone who enjoys making and eating dessert above all other things, I have an unusually high tolerance for sugar, but this was too much even for me. Too much sugar distracts from the subtleties in a dish—and if it weren’t for the sugar, I’d have been better able to appreciate the crème brulée’s creaminess. Overall, the meal was worth the $20 I paid, but if I’d been shelling out regular prices, I would have left disappointed.

The Capital Grille
1338 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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