Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kitchen At Penn

While there are probably plenty Penn Alums who have gone onto culinary adventures, this may be the first time a current student as embarked on one. Kitchen at Penn

started as a senior research project by Nate Adler and has become a reality. Adler found a chef on Craigslist, rented out kitchen space in West Philly and recruited some friends to work the kitchen with him. Now, you can order a home-cooked meal from Kitchen at Penn Sunday through Thursday 6-10pm.

The inspiration for the menu is from the trend in the culinary world of simple, good food, at the same time trying to emulate the feeling of a home-cooked meal. The menu reflects this, with few dishes having more than five ingredients and simple well balanced flavors and seasonal sides. The most popular dishes are the baked chicken and the West Philly Banh Mi sandwich. The Banh Mi sandwich has a Vietnamese flair with meatballs, pickled vegetables and Sriracha Aioli. I tried the baked chicken, and while it was not the best chicken I have ever had, I have to say I would order it over Chipotle any night of the week.

The menu will change as we move more into spring, Adler says, he is planning on incorporating more fresh vegetables and is developing some salads to add to the menu. There may also be daily specials which you can find on the Kitchen at Penn website, which is adorable and completely and drawn! The Kitchen also has a blog where you can follow, almost daily, the goings on in the Kitchen.

While this is a senior project, Adler says that continuing Kitchen at Penn is a real possibility next year, maybe expanding the space, branding it and adding locations at other colleges.

Kitchen at Penn
4529 Springfield Ave
Philadelphia PA 19143

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