Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taste of Philadelphia

Last weekend dozens of restaurants and vendors set up shop at Penn's Landing to participate in the Taste of Philadelphia. I went down there with a friend to check it out late on Saturday, though we did not intend to get dinner there due to a previous reservation made at Han Dynasty. For a half hour, we walked around the food festival and looked at every vendor, even stopping to try one sandwich at a place that had a small line that I have wanted to go to in Center City (Marabella Meatball Co.).

Some of the places had predictably long lines, surely helped by the seductive smells coming from the hot food. Cuba Libre and their chicken empanadas, Darling Diner and their waffles, Jamaican Jerk Hut and their jerk chicken, Steaks on South and their cheesesteaks and Gigi Restaurant and their cheesesteak empanadas were all quite popular judging by their queues at about 7:45 in the evening.

While we walked around and took in the smells, music was playing (not too loudly, thankfully) in the background, allowing us to hear sizzles of the grills if we got close enough to some of the stands.

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