Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Break Frozen Yogurt

Photo courtesy of Inju on flickr
For fall break, I had the pleasure of heading to my home state of Massachusetts to spend a few days hanging out with friends and family. Specifically, I spent a significant amount of time in Harvard Square and for me, no trip to Harvard Square is complete without a trip to Berryline. Berryline is a locally owned group of frozen yogurt stores with four locations in Cambridge and Boston. Although Penn boasts several frozen yogurt options around campus, Berryline will forever have my undying loyalty. Maybe it's because it was the first real tart frozen yogurt that I ever had, or maybe it's because of the excitement that driving into the city from my suburban home in pursuit of a sweet frozen treat provides- the sentimental reasons are various and a bit hard to define, but the taste begs no argument in terms of absolute deliciousness.

On this particular trip, I found myself venturing slightly from my usual Berryline ritual. I almost always go with the original tart accompanied by a fruit topping, and my satisfaction with this particular combination has been so great that I have a hard time convincing myself to try something new. However, my frozen yogurt dining companion convinced me to step outside of my comfort zone and give the two current yogurt flavor specials a try. We got peppermint-oreo frozen yogurt with crumbled oreo cookies on top and strawberry frozen yogurt with raspberries on top, deeming this to be a good balance between rich chocolate and lighter fruity flavors.

The strawberry frozen yogurt with raspberries was delicious. The frozen yogurt had a tasty strawberry flavor without being too sweet, and the raspberries added a nice texture and complementary fruitiness that made for a delicious sweet-tart treat. I was slightly more apprehensive about the peppermint-oreo frozen yogurt, because I have previously maintained a certain suspicion for what I consider to be flavors better suited to soft-serve ice cream than frozen yogurt- when a frozen yogurt loses its tartness I often feel that it has transformed to a soft-serve imitator rather than a proud tangy yogurt. However, the peppermint-oreo frozen yogurt was a pleasant surprise. I was impressed by the way that the peppermint and oreo flavors were present and blended harmoniously with the classic frozen yogurt tartness. The crumbled oreos amplified the chocolate flavor already present and made for a dessert that provided a refreshing contrast with the strawberry-raspberry combination. The moral of this particular trip to Berryline has been this: stepping out of your comfort zone can provide truly delectable results.

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