Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Night Excursion: Le Bercail

After conducting a rather random search for something cultural to eat on Friday night, my friends and I came across Le Bercail- a Senegalese/French ethnic enclave. This new restaurant is located on 45th and Baltimore in West Philly. Housed in a converted duplex, it truly is a gem in the rough.

The food is absolutely amazing and inexpensive. The majority of the entrees are $10 or below and the portions are very generous. Le Bercail serves Senegalese fried rice and chicken, fried okra, chawarma and many other options. I highly recommend their Dibi viande entree, which consists of grilled lamb with a choice of rice and beans, cassava couscous or fried plantains as sides. I ordered this dish with rice and beans, or “riz aux haircots” in French. The lamb pieces were generously seasoned and very tasty. I could have ordered the rice and beans by itself and been just as pleased with my meal. My friends ordered Dibi viande, chawarma with chicken, and grilled chicken chops. My friend noted that her grilled chicken chops were also well seasoned and her side of fried plantains tasted delicious.

However, a major downside to the restaurant is the service. Our server was very inattentive even though there were very few patrons present. If you’re willing to look past the poor service for some incredible food, then I suggest you try the restaurant. In my opinion Le Bercail would be better fit for takeout based on the prices and the service.

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