Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brown Betty Petite

Cupcakes are a small delight and Brown Betty Petite serves some of the best cupcakes in city of Philadelphia. Located at 269 South 20th Street, it is within easy walking distance of Rittenhouse Square Park.

Brown Betty Petite is an offshoot of Brown Betty Dessert Boutique in Old CIty
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Tucked into a small storefront, this small boutique is hard to find, but once you find it, you’ll want to remember it and come back for seconds. The cupcakes are creative and delicious. Brown Betty has your garden variety cupcakes, like chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, but they also have nine unique varieties of pound cake. The pound cakes range from an almond pound cake to a vanilla pound cake filled with lemon curd and topped with buttercream frosting.

The storefront is a satellite of the main Brown Betty Bakery. The cupcakes themselves are excellent, sitting between the size of a cupcake from your average cupcake tin and a coffee house muffin. Brown Betty Petite offers 15 different cupcake flavors in total; some are daily attractions, while others are only available a few days a week. You’ll have to make a visit on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday in order to pick up my favorite cupcake, The Carrot Patch, a carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

It might be frustrating to get there and find it’s not the right day for your favorite flavor, don’t fret too much - find a new favorite. And if 15 different cupcake flavors staring back at you with their frosting swirl would be overwhelming, don't despair, as they'll usually have eight to ten flavors available each day, baked fresh and trucked in from their main bakery in the Northern Liberties.

So if you are around Rittenhouse Square, between 12 and 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday, stop by and let a Brown Betty cupcake brighten your day. You can’t go wrong with one of the many delicious varieties of pound cake either. Check out the bakery’s nifty website ( for more ordering and location information.

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