Monday, October 26, 2009

Dining Haikus (ft. a rant by Will Steinberger)

I wake early at noon

Run downstairs for breakfast
Damn I live in Ware

I ran off with hopes,
Broken, today, I return.
Today, Real Le Anh's.

Lo! My trinity-
George Foreman Grill, Microwave,
Rice Cooker-Amen!

Blended with a purpose lost,
Mango-a-go-go return!
Hershey needs a boost.

Saturday at ten,
No dining halls, no food carts.
Sigh, Wawa hoagie.

A Rant By Will Steinberger

Fat. Fat. Fat. I wish
That I were fatter.
I like food, comfort,
Comfort food.

Not a foodie. No.



I am not that.
I am an eater, like a
Meat-Eater. We need,
More of me.

Food Completes Me.
I need you burrito.
Burrito, I wish you needed me.

As I need you-


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