Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nana's Matzoh Brie


Growing up, I've had different matzoh bries and for the most part they've been tasty, even though they are quite simple. My Savta's, however, is notably crunchy and exceptionally delicious. She made this and her pink applesauce for my brother and me when we would visit her and my Saba in New Jersey. However, my recent favorite is my Nana's matzah brie, which tiptoes the line between crispy and moist. During Passover this year, since the only form of grain I could effectively eat was matzoh, I called up my Nana and asked her for her recipe and she was, of course, more than delighted to give it to me.

Nana's Matzoh Brie

Note: Use one egg for every two pieces of matzoh

1. Soak matzoh in hot water for one minute (at which point it should be mildly soft)
2. Beat egg(s), add a little milk (1-2 oz.) and pour into a bowl
3. Take matzoh out of water, break into 2-3 inch long and wide pieces, put into bowl containing egg(s) and milk.
4. Mix the matzoh with the egg(s), making sure every piece is covered everywhere. (If the pieces break and become smaller, that's fine though -- it's why the pieces were big in the first place.)
5. Melt butter (I use about a tablespoon's worth) in a frying pan.
6. Move egg-covered matzoh from bowl to pan and fry on medium--keep turning the matzoh.
7. Cook until golden brown, but I encourage you (once the egg covering is fully cooked) to try pieces as you cook the matzoh brie so you can gauge how much moistness and crunchiness you like in your fried matzoh.
8. Serve, add salt and/or pepper as desired.

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