Monday, April 5, 2010

The (not so secret) Secret Bake Sale

I heard about the monthly Secret Bake Sale from the blog. I am going to call the bake sale out on something though, the Secret Bake Sale is that it's not a secret at all.... they have a Facebook group...on which they announced the date, time and place of their bake sale well in advance. This past weekend they were at an art market in Fishtown called Piranha Betty's. I am fairly certain that this was the first bake sale, so maybe it will become more secretive for future sales.
I may be giving them a little bit of a hard time; if they didn't advertise at all, no one would show up. So why make a big deal out of a secret bake sale in Philadelphia... because it is a really fun idea. We're already having an epidemic of flash mobs, which as far as I can tell just means a bunch kids agree to meet at a certain spot on the internet... and then they do and cause general mayhem on South Street. Why not start an epidemic of flash bake sales? Random occurrences of cupcakes can only make a city better.
Hopefully next time the Secret Bake Sale will be in a slightly closer location so I can go and see what it is all about.

- Hannah Cummons

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  1. If you know of somewhere near you that we can set up a bake sale, let us know.

    --Secret Bake Sale

  2. I don't know about Penn's policies for that but 34th and Walnut tends to be a busy area with high foot traffic. I'm sure those going to class would love a brownie or two.



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