Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't Mock My "Meat"

As a vegetarian, I’ve had enough mock meat to understand why it makes some people retch. I’ll advise against, for instance, the Fresh Grocer item labeled Tofu Pups—for all the allure of their clever name, those faux dogs left me sick as one.
But, my fellow vegetarians, do not despair. Lucky for us (and some more open-minded omnivores), there is at least one shining light in this black night of protein deprivation:
Morningstar, this one’s for you.

Morningstar Farms offers an incredible array of vegetarian and vegan products—from breakfast “sausages” to “steak” strips, “chick” patties to classic garden burgers—each nothing short of a miracle. How they manage to blend soy and wheat into so many different flavors and textures both scares and amazes me, but never fails to delight my taste buds.
Even Fro Gro knows where it’s at: they’ve devoted an entire freezer section (my personal oasis) to Morningstar’s neat green packages. And conveniently, they go on sale often, making Morningstar’s meals not only some of the tastiest and most nutritious foods available, but a financially sound choice as well.
Simply put, Morningstar puts the eat in mock meat. Not everyone can be vegetarian, but everyone can be Morningstarian.

Post by Maggie T., a faithful Penn Appetit writer and Layout Editor

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