Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not exactly vegetarian...

Quick quiz:
Which of the following ABP soups contain meat ingredients?
A. broccoli cheddar
B. Southwest vegetable
C. potato cheese soup
d. tomato Florentine

The answer is actually all of the above. Today, I chatted with a friend who was upset that she'd unknowingly consumed meat during Lenten Fridays via ABP soups. This prompted me to visit their website and read the ingredients on all of their soups. I found that a surprising number of soups with no mention of meat in their titles indeed contain animal products.
Many are aware that French onion soup uses beef broth, and from making potato leek soup I know to add chicken broth, but I'm still not soup-savvy enough to know to watch out for Tuscan vegetable.
The following is all of ABP's soups or stews that do not mention meat or assert their vegetarian status in their title. Soups with meat, or meat broth or base are marked by an asterisk, and in parentheses, it is indicated whether it contains chicken (c), ham/pork (h) or beef (b).

baked stuffed potato* (c, h)
broccoli cheddar* (c)
carrot ginger
corn and green chili bisque
corn chowder* (c, h)
curried rice and lentil
French Moroccan tomato lentil
French onion soup* (b, c)
garden vegetable
harvest pumpkin
hearty cabbage* (b, h)
Italian wedding* (b, c, h)
Jamaican black bean* (c, h)
Mediterranean pepper* (b, c)
old fashioned tomato rice* (c)
pasta e fagiole* (c, h)
Portuguese kale* (c, h)
potato cheese* (c, h)
potato leek* (c)
Southern black-eyed pea* (c, h)
Southwest tortilla* (b, c)
Southwest vegetable* (b, c)
Thai coconut curry
tomato basil bisque
tomato cheddar
tomato Florentine* (b)
Tuscan vegetable* (c)
wild mushroom* (b, c)
mac and cheese* (c)

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