Monday, April 7, 2008

Remedy Tea Bar

If you're ever in the Rittenhouse area, weary from hours of shopping or in need of some warmth, stop in to Remedy Tea Bar at 1628 Sansom. The inviting, Zen-like décor is ideal for both getting work done and meeting up with a friend. The laptops were out in full force when I went but there was also a couple sharing a pot of tea on the couch and two women gossiping at a table nearby. The pastel lime walls and sleek wooden furniture lend a calm, friendly atmosphere to the place. The workers don’t reflect the décor; when I asked about the selection of teas, the cashier responded with a sigh and then pushed a menu in front of me. But my pot of tea was so cute I was willing to ignore her unpleasantness.

Remedy Tea has a varied assortment of teas, with intriguing flavors like Roasted Apple, White Pomegranate, and Red Hot Chai or the standards of Earl Grey and Moroccan Mint. I opted for the Spiced Pear black tea – a blend of cinnamon, ginger, and pear bits. It had a nice (but not overpowering) kick with gentle hints of sweetness. The pots cost $4.25 while the cup is $2.35. But with less than a $2 difference, go for the pot. There is something so comforting about drinking tea from a pot; I always feel like I’m treating myself.

Remedy Tea also has tea lattes like the Dirty Chai – Masala Chai, chocolate, vanilla, and steamed milk. Their frozen tea drinks looked tasty as well and, weather permitting, I will give one a try next time I go. With my pot of tea, a book to read, and a table by the window, I spent a leisurely Monday afternoon happily pouring my tea, people-watching, and re-caffeinating for the H&M shopping spree ahead of me. If you prefer sipping over doing homework, then Remedy Tea Bar can be your calming harbor in the storm of approaching finals.

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  1. I love Remedy. The Dirty Chai Latte is AMAZING. It's a little bit like Mexican hot chocolate - chocolatey and spicy.



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