Sunday, November 9, 2008

Test Your Culinary Clout!

1. Where is the guava a native of?
a) Africa
b) India
c) America
d) Thailand

2. A "buckling" is a smoked form of what fish?
a) Trout
b) Herring
c) Pike
d) Salmon

3. Milanese style dishes are always prepared with what type of cheese?
a) Feta
b) Swiss
c) Mozzarella
d) Parmesan

4. Masago is what?
a) Yellowtail
b) Salmon roe
c) Smelt eggs
d) Tuna

5. Dim sum is the name for a popular Chinese cuisine that includes a variety of dumplings and bite-sized dishes. In English, "dim sum" literally means:
a) Little hearts
b) Breakfast bits
c) Tasty treats
d) Small plates

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