Monday, March 28, 2011

Bloggers' Bites: Spring Break Edition

This Spring Break, I traversed the east coast from Boston to Philadelphia to Florida and back again. Along the way I enjoyed more than a few good meals, treats, and desserts. These were the best:

1. Butterbeer
Universal Studios: Orlando, Florida
Being a Harry Potter fan, I was anxious to try this JK Rowling-approved, Three Broomsticks-inspired concoction. I'm happy to report that it lived up to expectations. Essentially, it's a butterscotch-syrup flavored soda, but the best part of the drink is the sweetened foam topping. You can choose to buy it frozen (which I preferred) or not. I also bought Ton-Tongue Toffee from the Honeyduke's replica shop--which was adorable, although the prices are (of course) astronomical.

2. Gorgonzola pizza with pears, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette
La Luce: Orlando, Florida
Perhaps the best pizza I've ever had (Jersey shore loyalty to Mack & Manco's notwithstanding). The melted gorgonzola contrasted perfectly with the thinly sliced pears (arranged like pepperoni) over the cheese and the acidic vinaigrette.

3. Hazelnut cannoli
Mike's Pastry: Boston, Massachusetts
Cannolis are one of my favorite desserts, so while visiting a friend in Boston, it was imperative that we make a trip to the North End, the Italian district, where the streets are lined with Italian restaurants and bakery shops. Mike's Pastry has more varieties of cannoli than I've ever encountered in one place (including dark chocolate, pistachio, chocolate chip and Italian cream). The hazelnut flavor wasn't overpowering--but I think it could have been stronger. Still, Mike's does cannolis right: crunchy shell, homemade filling, that careful dusting of powdered sugar. Even better, the woman behind the counter gave my friend an extra cannoli for free just because she'd accidentally taken the wrong flavor out of the display.

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