Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marrakesh Express

Around this time of year food choices on campus can start to feel a little limited, but sometimes all you have to do is walk a few blocks further to find a unique and tasty West Philly eatery. Marrakesh Express is definitely one of those places. Situated just off campus, Marrakesh Express is easily one of the best places around to find delicious, authentic Moroccan food. If you're looking for a new favorite place to eat this may just be it. It's like Hummus but better! (No offense to Hummus).

I have only had the pleasure of eating at Marrakesh Express once but I definitely will be back sometime in the near future. The food is tasty and reasonably priced (everything is around $10 and under) and the management couldn't be more friendly (Brahim, the owner, is really helpful if you're having trouble deciding what to order).

Everything here is made with love, from the appetizers such as zaalouk (eggplant sauteed with garlic and tomato) and homemade hummus to platters such as the shawarma (chicken slow roasted with special seasoning) and lamb ketban (lamb marinated overnight in Moroccan herbs). When you walk into the restaurant your mouth will start to water as you smell the fragrant herbs and spices that characterize the authentic dishes served here. Their website also boasts that they only use all natural ingredients. Not to mention: those who keep halal will be glad to know that they use only halal meat.

It is really hard to find even one bad word to say about Marrakesh Express so if you're looking for a new experience head over to check them out.

Marrakesh Express
4407 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


  1. If you liked this so much, you should also try the prix fixe menu at Marrakesh in Old City. Five (or was it seven?) courses for $25. Mindblowing.

  2. Is it owned by the same people that run the Marrakesh near 4th and Leithgow?

  3. not the same owners as marrakesh south street !!! marrakesh express owner is from morocco . marrakesh oweners from lebanon .



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