Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forgotten No More: Festival of Forgotten Foods

Reading Terminal Market celebrated "forgotten regional favorites" from the Pennsylvania region this past Saturday with their Festival of Forgotten Foods. Setting up shop in the Market's Center Court, the festival featured samples abound of pepper pot soup (a stew of beef tripe, peppers and other veggies popular during the Revolutionary War), liverwurst (an often-spreadable German sausage made with pork liver), Paw Paw ice cream (made by Bassett’s from fruit indigenous to the U.S. that’s a cross between a mango and a banana), and more.

A live banjo player serenaded guests as they munched on classic Pennsylvania cuisine.

Oyster stew from Beck's Cajun Cafe simmers in a chafing dish, tantalizing passersby with its fragrant ocean smell.
The fried apple pies, pulled fresh out of the fryer, were crisp to the bite with a juicy fruity filling within. These treats were also courtesy of Beck's Cajun Cafe.
At the Pennsylvania General Store stand, Wilbur Buds (precursor to the Hershey Kiss) take center stage, with a pitcher and cups of refreshing raspberry shrub (known as one of Ben Franklin’s favorite drinks, it's a non-alcoholic drink made with vinegar-marinated raspberries and water) in the background.
Fried catfish and waffles: this classic was the 19th-century equivalent of a cheesesteak. For each serving, Down Home Diner served pieces of the meaty fish with a waffle stick.

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