Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Taste Around the World: Philly Phood Phest

The Wharton Cohort Directors planned a delicious global food tour for this year's Wharton freshmen. Each cohort station served fare that was representative of their currency's country. From baklava at Cohort Dinar's table to Cohort Shekel's pitas, it was a quick and tasty way to explore the world's cuisine all in one place.

A variety of seafood- and vegetable-based sushi was distributed by Cohort Yen.
Cohort Rand handed out authentic South African fare, including plaintains, yams and raisins, and beef jerky.
There were crispy samosas aplenty at Cohort Rupee's table.
Mediterranean cuisine, from dolma to baba ghanoush, delighted attendees courtesy of Cohort Shekel.
Cohort Euro came prepared with garlic cheese bread and potato-stuffed pierogi.
Cohort Dollar embraced one of America's classics: fried chicken.
Pork and chicken tacos, as well as tortilla chips and salsa, were on hand at Cohort Peso's stand.
Cohort Yuan doled out yummy chow... chow mein, that is!

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  1. i'm BEYOND upset that i got the invitation too last-minute to go!! ;)



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