Friday, November 18, 2011

Froyo at T Bowl

I love frozen yogurt; it's never too sweet or sticky, and I like that I can choose toppings to accompany this already tasty treat. So when I heard that T Bowl has recently begun serving froyo, I was anxious to try it out. How I let several weeks go by, I don't know, but I finally got the chance to taste it this Wednesday. There are two sizes available: Medium and Large. When I asked for a Medium, the cashier said that they only had the pumpkin flavor that day. I did not realize that T Bowl had any other flavors other than the original, and because I usually like the original, I hesitated before I said I'll take the pumpkin. T Bowl did not offer too many toppings that day: a variety of fruit purées, strawberries, and chocolate and caramel sauce. T Bowl also charges 50 cents for a 2nd topping, so I just asked for the chocolate sauce.

When I had my first spoon, though, I was immediately satisfied. I could taste the pumpkin--a flavor that I had been a bit wary of--but the tangy, tart flavor of the yogurt that I love was still there. The texture was perfectly creamy and rich, not too watery or icy, and the chocolate sauce was a good complement. The portion size was what one would expect from a "Medium" at any froyo bar. The only complaint I have is that with the Medium costing $4, the restaurant could be more generous with their toppings. Granted, there weren't that many options to choose from, but offering only one topping is a bit stingy, especially since Kiwi has a sizable selection of toppings that customers can freely get, and Sweetgreen offers three toppings for no extra cost (and with Sweetgreen's Small froyo, which is pretty much the same size as T Bowl's Medium, costing the same $4, Sweetgreen's seems like a better deal in the quantitative sense).

But then, many people don't need piles of various toppings, and it is true that truly good froyo can afford to stand by itself. Even though I am not one of those "purists" and like at least two toppings with my froyo, I still do consider the texture and taste of T Bowl's froyo quite excellent. I will be going back to try the original froyo in the very near future.

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  1. Oh these look amazing!! I’m bookmarking this for Thanksgiving. YUM



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