Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recipe review: Food Network's "Truffle Brownies"

I know how stressful the past two weeks have been for me and I'm sure that a lot of you have experienced that mind-numbing panic and work as midterms encroached upon us. For me, nothing cures stress as well as chocolate. Well, in my opinion, nothing cures anything as well as chocolate does. I will admit it--I am a chocolate addict. I especially love baking so I find working with and consuming chocolate to be quite satisfying. Every month or so my grandmother even sends me a "Pound Plus" Dark Chocolate Bar from Trader Joe's (which I highly recommend as well). The recipe I want to share to help you all get through studying until morning or to celebrate the end of midterms (at least for the time being) is one of my personal favorites. I discovered it this summer when I reunited with my best friends from home for a girls' night. I wanted to make brownies but I didn't want your ordinary brownies. So I went to my favorite website, www.foodnetwork.com, and started a search. I stumbled upon Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh's recipe for "Truffle Brownies." I love truffles; I love brownies. So what could be bad about that? Absolutely nothing.

This recipe proved to be super easy and can be replicated in any sort of kitchen. Hint: although the recipe calls for the use of a hand mixer, we are college students. Unless you are an avid baker who had his/her mother bring you your personal hand maker during family weekend (i.e. me), this recipe can definitely be done without one. Whether you are having a movie night with some friends or want to take a break from work and treat yourself to something sweet and topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache, I highly recommend trying this recipe. What could be better?

Here's the recipe, enjoy!

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