Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Strolling to brunch on a casual Saturday morning – Sabrina’s Cafe

On one Saturday morning, just a week and a half into the new semester and just before my weekends would start to get hectic with many obligations, I texted my friend the night before to walk up to Sabrina’s on Drexel campus to grab a nice, relaxing brunch. The weather was about to get cold during the weekdays, but the weather on that Saturday morning was warm and breezy, just perfect to take a enjoyable stroll couple blocks up the street.

I discovered this place, Sabrina’s – there are three stores in Philly, but the one on Drexel campus is the closest – while I was staying on campus over the summer. Unfortunately, despite my willingness to, I could not make a visit to Sabrina’s while I was on campus under scorching sun. Therefore, I was thrilled to explore this brunch restaurant and sense the vibe of Drexel campus (it was my first time visiting Drexel's campus) as I came back in September. To give you an idea about the direction from Penn's campus, walk straight up 34th Street for several blocks through Drexel's campus; it will be on your right hand side. When I was there, there were about five groups of people waiting to be seated. The nice, enjoyable walk took about 15 minutes, and I was glad to see Sabrina’s sign!

We were there during popular brunch time (11a.m.-12p.m.), so we had to wait about 20 minutes before we were escorted to our table. Our table was actually very nice as we were in a part of the restaurant where all three sides (except for the side connecting to the main restaurant floor) was surrounded by glass windows so we could see outside into the nice neighborhood. Out of so many choices, we ordered two entrees from the Brunch Specials list. One dish was composed of a croissant, eggs, spinach, potato, onion, and homemade apple sauce; the other was The Tower of Terror Stuffed French Toast. Their freshly squeezed orange juice was also delicious.

As soon as the dishes came out, we hurriedly devoured our savories as it was already close to noon (I was very hungry by then). We wanted to try both orders, so our waiter kindly divided both of our savories into halves. The first entrée was really good, with the egg and spinach well blended with their own version of apple sauce. The stuffed French toast was also satisfactory. However, we were full even before we had completely finished half of our first entree! I barely finished half of the first one and had to take out half of the French toast as I could only eat a couple nibbles to see what it tasted like. With nice weather, happy and now full, we strolled back to our campus.

Walking up to Sabrina’s on a weekend morning to enjoy a little bit of relaxing time with good brunch was certainly a good idea and hope I can have another Sabrina’s experience soon!

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