Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eating is sexy

I think everyone should watch Nigella Lawson. Yes, I understand that to some, she is hardly what they would fully recognize as the latter part of the term ‘celebrity chef’ but that is beside the point. In a world where Gordon Ramsey, Antony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, Gina de Laurentiis and the like have all broadcasted their culinary geniuses for millions of viewers, few have truly introduced audiences to the true pleasure of consuming and appreciating what they are creating. Yes, there is anticipation for others’ opinions and of course we must admire the benefits of organic and fresh produce but where can one actually see the chef savouring every mouthful of food that they cook.

When I first watched her, she astounded me by the number of adjectives she pulled out in the process of mixing salad. Every ingredient was described as a gem of sorts and everything was so ridiculously indulgent it just made you fall in love with food. I understand critics and women around the globe have this issue with her being too pornographic, so to speak, when presenting her food and her show but honestly who doesn’t want to experience such incandescent pleasure when cooking and just enjoying the process of creating something so bloody delectable?

Also, please admit that whenever you visit foodporn.com you are overcome with the amazing feasts that appear on that page. But what really, really truly converted me to the Nigella fanclub, despite the occasional riff raff cooking methods she employs, is just the way she savours her food. It’s not gluttonous by any means but it’s enjoyable. She is delighted by every bite she takes and just hungry. This about it, don’t you want to just adore food? It’s the best relationship to have. I love it. Watch her. I promise you’ll love it too. No jokes. And with that, I’m going to go make myself a blackberry crisp. Till next time, ciao for now!

Photo credit: daveandthomas.net

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