Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Favorite 5 am Food

Last week at 5 am in the tail end of an all night study session, I was struck by a feeling. “What was this feeling?” you might ask. Well, this feeling was hunger. Not really breakfast and certainly not dinner time I faced a dilemma. What could I eat? Of course I had the college standby, ramen noodles, but I had just eaten those for dinner. Or I had pudding cups and granola bars, but those didn’t really seem substantial enough for the hunger I was experiencing. Then it hit me. I needed a Hot Pocket.

At 5 am there is nothing better than a cheesy, gooey, delicious Hot Pocket. They’re also perfect for snacking on the go, quick breakfasts when you only have ten minutes to get to class. So that’s where I found myself that 5 am morning, in my room studying like crazy, and needing my Hot Pocket fix. Luckily in my infinite wisdom, I had bought a box of Hot Pockets two days earlier at Fresh Grocer, knowing I would want a Hot Pocket sometime soon.

I was worried that I would wake my roommates with the sound of the microwave, but at this point I was on a mission -- I needed to get that Hot Pocket. So I opened the door to my room which was squeaky as usual, went to the freezer, and got out my frozen Hot Pocket. The microwave seemed louder than ever and I was sure that the ding that lets you know your food is ready would wake up my roommates and anger them. (It was 5 am, after all, so I was a bit delirious). My mission was complete and I sat in front of my computer once again, my hunger satisfied, so I could try to finish all of my homework.

Well, it’s 4 am now as I am writing this post. I find myself hungry as I always am at this point late in the night. Sadly, this time, I am out of Hot Pockets. So instead I will go to ramen noodles, though I hardly find that to be an adequate substitute for my first true love, the Hot Pocket.

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