Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpple Cake

When does a cake get buzz? Real buzz, people (on the internet, at least). Folks are seriously talking about this cake.

The answer is when it is not just a cake, but a cake with pie baked into it. With the amount of buzz-worthy things you can do to the outside of a cake (Cake Wrecks anyone?) you generally don't hear about anything terribly exciting going on on the inside of a cake.

But here is something innovative. Dubbed the Turducken of cakes, this Pumpple cake is one layer of chocolate cake with pumpkin pie and one layer of vanilla with apple pie baked into it with a healthy layer of butter cream in the middle. The Pumpple is a truly beautiful cake, the sharp contrast between the chocolate cake and pumpkin pie is especially cool looking.

The Pumpple is not just a pretty cake, it is delicious too. The chocolate cake is moist and rich and the vanilla cake is almost pound cake-esque. The pies hold up well to being baked into a cake. The crust of the apple pie is still flaky and the pumpkin pie is still a little firm, not soggy. The coup de grace of the cake is when you get pie crust and cake in the same bite. The taste of pie crust and cake is not something I ever imagined tasting, but it is really great and makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

My hat off to the Flying Monkey Bakery in Reading Terminal for coming up with this cake. At $8 a slice ($4 for the cake, $4 for the hype), Pumpple is an expensive novelty, but totally worth it.

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  1. Tried it today - so good!! And the woman who owns Flying Monkey was really nice



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