Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Season's Last Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll

Although the leaves are changing color and there is an evident chill in the air, summer returned for one last hurrah via last Thursday’s Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll. The event was brought back by popular demand following the monthly strolls over the summer. Various stores and restaurants along Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia opened their doors offering one-night-only bargains on everything from ice cream to pet accessories to yoga classes.

The best part? Each item only cost $1.00!

Despite the pouring rain, I donned my coat, stuffed my pocket with dollar bills, and grabbed my umbrella — I was ready to brave nature in search of cheap and tasty eats! I had a list of participating establishments, but easily identified them by the bundles of bright orange balloons next to their doorsteps, and by the lines of customers stretching onto the sidewalk outside each one. As I hopped from one place to the next, West Philly natives and visitors from six to sixty hunted down deals along with me. My taste buds and I went on a culinary global adventure that evening. The stroll introduced me to an eclectic neighborhood with fantastic food options. When I tire of dining hall food and want a change of pace, I know there are plenty of great places to visit on Baltimore Avenue.

Samosa from Desi Village

Mango lassi from Desi Village

Injera finger foods (in mild and spicy varieties) from Dahlak

Tofu and BBQ chicken skewers from Vientiane Café

Roast turkey sandwich with cranberry mayo, spinach, and cornbread stuffing from Green Line Cafe

Bassett’s Guatemalan Swirl ice cream from Milk & Honey Market


  1. awesome post! i love the pictures.

  2. Those samosas were great!!

  3. Hi Nicole!
    What a great post! Everything looks delicous! I wish I was there. I miss you (a lot)!

    -Your cousin Nancy! :P

  4. Great article and photos! You make me want to try those foods and eateries!



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