Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feature-A-Blog: Whisk Kid

To the average observer, 19-year-old Kaitlin Flannery probably looks like a regular college sophomore. Yet this impression would vanish as quickly as a lone cookie in a jar upon visiting her blog, Whisk Kid. Now a marketing student at Michigan State University, Kaitlin began baking when she was 15, after seeing Billy from Billy’s Bakery make cupcakes on The Martha Stewart Show.

Since then, she has concocted countless treats from tarts to ice cream, sharing her recipes in blog posts accompanied by stunning pictures she takes with her Canon Rebel XTI. Her impressive repertoire includes dandelion jam macarons, noyaux (cherry pit) ice cream and a six-layer rainbow cake she got to prepare – déjà vu alert – on The Martha Stewart Show! (click here to watch the video).

Kaitlin complements the tempting treats with beautifully written short stories about her friends, everyday life, or childhood memories. If this doesn’t sound enticing enough for you, consider that the mere sound of a backpack zipper can prompt her to develop an intelligent, compelling observation of general social trends in a classroom. Almost all of her posts bear a suggestive single-word heading literally whisking you into a story crafted as carefully as her camera creations.

“My aim is to inspire,” she says in her profile. That's easier said than done, but she's able to do both.

1 comment:

  1. So glad to see how she was inspired! Billy's is my favorite bakery ANYWHERE; their cupcakes are baked-good perfection.

    And on that note, look out for Kiley's post on Icebox Cake this Monday--that's another delicious thing that Billy's serves.



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