Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet Potato Fry Sticks

Today, I’m going to introduce sweet potato fry sticks. They're a little different from sweet potato fries, which are already well known. This is crispier and sweeter when compared to sweet potato fries: enjoy!

① Peel the potato skin.
② Slice it as thin as possible.
③ Have those sliced potato in cold water.
④ After the water has turned a little white, take out those slices and dry with paper towels.
⑤ In a frying pot or pan, pour oil so you can completely drown the potato slices.
⑥ Fry about potato slices worth of one potato with 2 tablespoon of sugar first in medium heat.
⑦ After the sugar melts completely in oil, turn up to high heat.
⑧ When the potato turns yellowish, take out the slices with a sieve.
⑨ Spread the slices out after taking them out so they do not stick together.
⑩ You can also slice into sticks.

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