Saturday, February 11, 2012

Try this for Weekend Brunch

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading some other food blog posts. I found a very exciting combination of waffles that I can’t wait until the weekend to try at Bon Appetit's dining hall. This would work only on weekends at dining halls, for reasons I will explain to you momentarily.

It’s waffles with ice cream!! You can enjoy your waffle not only with syrup, but with various kinds of ice cream. I’ve heard many students complaining how the syrup was not an actual maple syrup, but sugar. So how about trying your waffle with ice cream? This picture has four different types of fruit compotes, which is also a good idea (although I don’t think there are any fruit compotes in the dining halls). The reason that I think this would only work on weekends is that they have waffle makers only in the morning and don’t serve ice cream for breakfast on weekdays. Therefore, weekends would be the only time the dining halls serve both waffles and ice cream at the same time... just a thought for the next time you visit Hill. ;)

Photo courtesy of Rimi.

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