Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kiwi Frozen Yogurt: New and Nutritional Flavors for Spring

With campus beginning to heat up this spring, Penn students are looking for new ways to cool down. Though many students may indulge in the thick and creamy ice cream or gelato at various sites on campus, others may opt for a more nutritious, yet extremely delectable, sweet treat: Kiwi Frozen Yogurt.

As a froyo-obsessed freshman coming to Penn, I feared that Philadelphia would not offer that tart and refreshingly pungent taste of frozen yogurt I often crave. Kiwi, however, with its many and constantly changing flavors and toppings, has far exceeded my expectations in satisfying my taste buds. Many Penn students have been devouring this tasty treat since the shop opened under the name of Sprinkles. This spring, however, Kiwi offers a batch of new and seasonal flavors that will leave students’ mouths watering. In the spirit of Easter, Kiwi has created a baby-blue colored “Malted Milk Ball” selection that tastes exactly like Hershey’s Whopper Easter Robin Eggs chocolate treat. The Strawberry Daiquiri flavor offers an enticing substitute for those who still crave the relaxing memories of spring break, and Creamy Coconut leaves all who sample it completely refreshed. Other popular flavors have been brought back, including Espresso, Thin Mint Cookies, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate, and Graham Cracker.

In light of the sunny weather, Kiwi has also expanded its variety of toppings to include a greater abundance of ripe fruit. Candy lovers are not to fear, however, as Kiwi has maintained its offerings of cookie dough, cheesecake bits, and many other chocolate and sweet selections. Customers are allowed to create their own yogurt confections based on personal preferences, a far better deal than offered at T-Bowl or Sweetgreen, both of which also suffer from a narrow array of flavors.

The best part about Kiwi is that we can still indulge without that inevitable sense of guilt attached to more fattening sweets. In addition to offering non-fat and low-fat yogurt, Kiwi also offers sugar-free and even gluten-free options! The brand new tart flavor, my personal favorite, is completely organic. All Kiwi frozen yogurt contains beneficial probiotic cultures that enhance digestion and healthy living. Ranging from only 80-140 calories per half cup, Kiwi frozen yogurt is still a great source of calcium and protein. Its convenient location at 3606 Chestnut and its newest, seasonal flavors make Kiwi the optimal place to be this spring. Though we may not be at the beach this semester, with Kiwi, we can still enjoy the taste of pina coladas and perhaps even, considering April’s flippant weather, getting caught in the rain.

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