Saturday, March 17, 2012

Site Scoop: Sprouted Kitchen

With the beautiful warm weather that has graced the city of Philadelphia these past few days, thoughts of crisp, bright springtime fare have invaded my mind. I keep daydreaming about the forthcoming wave of farmers' markets and barbecues, and all of the cheerfully-hued, fruit-filled desserts I would like to make! But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. For now, I'll satisfy my seasonal food urges with the gorgeous photography on Sprouted Kitchen. First of all, everything about this blog feels natural, clean and pure. There is a very strong emphasis on showcasing "whole" foods with healthy ingredients. The layout is also quite minimalist, with no clutter to be found. The images capture all of the crucial fine details: each crumb in a slice of bread, the crackling peel of an onion, the delicate folds on a head of cabbage, the tiny beads of condensation on fresh produce, the shimmer of butter in a cast iron skillet. It's almost as if you are right there in the kitchen, preparing the meal yourself. Each page is even more mesmerizing than the last. I have yet to test any of the accompanying recipes, but they appear simple, delicious, and, best of all, good for you! I suggest you check this blog out right away. A word of caution, however: you will get hungry!

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