Monday, March 19, 2012

Sumptuous Spring

As the sun shines on Philadelphia, hot drinks no longer quench thirst as they once did in the winter. Instead they’ve been replaced by cold, refreshing drinks. One of my favorite spring treats, the smoothie, can easily be made in a variety of ways. My favorite version takes away the yogurt, creating a delicately light treat. This recipe is very approximate and very much up to you. So, feel free to substitute the fruit and to add more or less ice/juice as you please!

Serving size: 1 smoothie

1 cup of orange juice
¼ cup ice
4 strawberries cut in slices
½ banana cut in slices
Pinch of sugar

Fill the blender first with ice.
Add strawberries, bananas, and orange juice.
Blend together until desired consistency (smooth without a lot of chunks). Add more ice or juice as needed.
Be sure to taste the smoothie as you go along to see how much sugar you need (really depends on your taste!).

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