Friday, January 25, 2013

Penang's Curry Chicken and Rice: A Malaysian Delicacy

Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia's Chinatown lies Penang- a hub for Malaysian cuisine. For my friend's birthday dinner this past weekend, we decided to try the restaurant, which is known for its inexpensive and exotic meals. For my meal, I listened to the advice of our waiter and ordered Penang's curry chicken and rice. I was curious about my dish since curry reminds me of Indian or Caribbean fare.The waiter explained that Malaysian cuisine is notably influenced by South Indian food of the ethnic Indians who live in Malaysia. After a twenty minute wait, I received my entree. The smell alone instantly made my mouth water. The dish contained chopped pieces of chicken, a curry sauce, white rice, and sautéed onions. Topped off with garnish for aesthetic effect, the curry sauce had the right amount of spiciness and flavor. Although the onions were a bit too abundant, I enjoyed the difference in texture between the vegetable and the meat. The portion size was perfect since I hadn't eaten anything since that morning. Every portion of the dish had either a neutral or positive contribution. Nothing tasted inadequate.Upon finishing the curry chicken and rice, I cleansed my palate with a slice of orange before moving on to the dessert menu. I've yet to be disappointed by a Philadelphia restaurant. Until then, I'll have to rate each restaurant outing I've had as worthwhile.

--Ashlee Burris

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