Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunday Brunch at FarmiCia

If I had to pick a favorite meal, brunch would win, hands down. There's something about the lazy weekend morning and the always impossible decision between sweet and savory that gives brunch an appeal neither lunch nor dinner could ever live up to- or maybe it's just the fact that this is the only time cocktails are encouraged at 11 AM. 

In my quest to gastronomically conquer Philadelphia's brunch hotspots, my two companions and I ventured down to FarmiCia, a Philadelphia must, this past Sunday morning. Conceived by the owners of the famed Metropolitan Bakery, this quaint Old City locale has a fresh, "farm-to-table" menu that does not fail to disappoint in quality or variety. 

Walking into FarmiCia, I instantly loved the rustic atmosphere and coziness of the restaurant- several nice touches were an abundance of string lights, a Christmas tree decorated with gorgeous sunflowers, and I was struck by the beauty yet simplicity of having a single green apple as the table centerpiece. 

After settling down and browsing over the menu, we were informed by our server that we had arrived during "Brunch Happy Hour," which meant that all of the drinks were half-price. We couldn't pass up the opportunity, and we ordered a round of the White Peach Sangria. It was chilled, crisp with a hint of peach, and served with the freshest fruit- the perfect way to begin our delectable meal. 

White Peach Sangria

I decided on the Grilled Cheese for my entree, which consisted of Amish cheddar and tomatoes pressed between multi-grain toast and served with a fruit salad. Although the toast was a bit greasy for my taste, I was pleasantly surprised by the large portion of fresh fruit and and that the cheese was thoroughly melted. 

Grilled Cheese with Fruit 
K ordered the Turkey and Avocado Club, which, in my opinion, was the best at the table for getting your money's worth. Split into four sections, it was a double layer of sourdough with heaping portions of both turkey and avocado. Also heaping was their serving of fries, which were amazing- thin, crisp, and perfectly salted. 

Turkey and Avocado Club

A immediately decided on the Quesadilla, which was scrambled eggs, jack cheese, potatoes, and chorizo all wrapped in a large tortilla and served with green chili salsa. She highly enjoyed this mexican-inspired entree, and especially raved about the chorizo, saying that it wasn't too chunky. 

Bittersweet Flourless Chocolate Torte
After polishing off our fabulous orders (literally, there was nothing left on our plates), we of course couldn't leave without something sugary to satisfy our palates. Although I wanted everything on the dessert menu, we all chose our treats fairly quickly. A ordered the Orange Pound Cake, which was paired with a delightful blood orange sorbet, K chose the classic Carrot Cake, made unique with the use of a cream cheese ice cream topping instead of frosting, and I went with the decadent Bittersweet Flourless Chocolate Torte sided with coffee ice cream. Although our server had warned me that even the biggest chocoholics found the torte overwhelming, I didn't think it was too much chocolate at all...guess my sweet tooth is bigger than I thought! 

My first FarmiCia experience went above and beyond expectations, and I would recommend their brunch to anyone. In fact, I am already planning out future visits; I think I'll go with sweet next time and order the Brioche French Toast or Buttermilk Pancakes. I highly encourage everyone to head to FarmiCia in the near future, and to bring along any friends who insist on the greatness of dinner over brunch- they'll be immediate converts for sure! 

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