Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Craving a Caprese Salad

For the last few weeks the only thing I've really wanted to eat for dinner is a caprese salad. I cannot explain this sudden craving, I have never held a great love for caprese salads, and I have to admit I do not even like tomatoes that much. For about the last two weeks however, I've had a caprese salad five nights out of seven.
Over the weeks, my caprese salad has changed and a matured. At first, I bought fairly cheap mozzarella, run of the mill tomatoes and I left out the basil completely, because no matter how many times I ate a caprese salad that week, I would never be able to use it all before it began to rot. And at first, with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar, that was more than enough.

However, after one week of eating a middling caprese salad though, I still wanted to eat the salad, but I wanted to eat a better one. I bought better mozzarella and I bit the bullet and bought basil (and a considerable portion of that did in fact go bad). These were marked improvements in my nightly caprese salad experience.
I am entering week three of this food craving, and believe me that is a long time to continue wanting to eat the same thing every night. And it is strange, I still want a caprese salad, but I don't want the same caprese salad. Last night, I improvised a tossed caprese salad and tonight I'll look into a caprese panini. And maybe one day soon I'll improvise my way out of this weird craving.

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