Monday, November 23, 2009

Funnel Cake

You can now make funnel cake yourself. In your dorm. That’s right – funnel cake is no longer reserved for boardwalks and theme parks.

I first came to this realization when shopping with my mom at Bed Bath and Beyond when I saw a make-your-own funnel cake mix. I had always loved professionally made funnel cakes, so naturally this possibility intrigued me. I waited for the opportunity for which I could make the whole batter: my hall’s Thanksgiving dinner.

I quickly finished dinner to prepare the much anticipated dessert #4. As always, I ran into a few minor glitches which hopefully you can avoid:

1. Smoke alarm
2. Lots of little burnt pieces
3. Inability to flip
4. Look like blobs

1. Put the fan on and make sure nothing is under the burners.
2. Try to take the little pieces out after each funnel cake and pour the batter close to the oil.
3. Use tongs to flip
4. Who cares? It looks homemade...

Otherwise these were extremely easy to make. I just added 2 ¼ cups of water and poured the mix into vegetable oil. Once the bottom got brown I flipped the funnel cake, placed it on a plate, put powdered sugar on it, and served!

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